Chromebook Printing is Here!


At this time printing is available on the Ricoh copiers for staff only – staff located at a single school are set up to print; staff working at multiple locations are only set up to print to a single school. To set up Chromebook printing for all assigned locations, please contact the IT Service Desk at 503-916-3375 or for assistance.

Simple Directions

From your document, go to File, then Print. In the Destination section, click on the Change button. Under Google Cloud Print, click Show All. You should see all your building Ricoh copiers listed. Select the one you want to print to and then click the Print button. You would follow the same steps if you wanted to print a webpage.

*If you do not see your building copiers under Google Cloud Print, please contact the IT Service Desk at 503-916-3375 or for assistance.

Other Info

  • Staff working at multiple sites will automatically be shared the printers from their main site and will need to contact the Service Desk to have your other assigned sites shared.
  • Staff working at multi-campus schools (i.e. Chief Joe/Ockley Green, East/West Sylvan, or Beverly Cleary) will be shared the printer groups for all their campus sites.
  • Itinerant Staff who are at their site for more than a couple days can contact the Service Desk to be shared their site’s printers for the duration of their stay.
  • Regarding RICOH copier/printers that require the entry of a Printer Code: If you have a RICOH printer that requires the entry of a printer code, your Chromebook will not be able to print to that printer as there is no method of entering the code into the Chromebook. To be able to print to these copiers from your Chromebook, the code entry requirement would need to be removed by your building administration.
  • Download a quick reference guide.

Author: mlimpdx

Education Technology at Portland Public Schools in Portland, OR

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