Mythos Challenge

Mythos Challenge is an annual Youth-Led Storytelling and Gaming Project in Oregon.
In the Mythos Challenge, youth are invited to create a digital interactive story, analog or digital game, or a mobile app inspired by a special exhibition at the Portland Art Museum. Winning entries are played at the Museum and are eligible for awards. Registration for our second year of remixing stories and game creation begins January 15, 2016.

The Mythos  Challenge is a collaboration of  12 community partners and endorsers, and is organized by the Mythos Youth Council, Pixel Arts Game Education, and the Portland Art Museum.

Please read the attached teacher letter as well. Between February and April 2016, Pixel Arts Game Education will lead 3 online workshops in the free and easy‐to‐use Twine and Scratch digital storytelling and gaming platforms.
2016 Mythos Challenge Teacher Announcement

2016 Mythos Challenge

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This is a fantastic opportunity for students!

2016 Mythos Youth Council Application
Applications are due Friday, October 23. Follow the link above to apply.

The Mythos Challenge inspires Oregon youth to become digital makers and to connect with other youth and broader learning communities. This year myths from all over the world were remixed into digital stories and games, and 2016 will expand this platform for youth voice with workshops, museum collections, and technology.

The Mythos Youth Council splits into committees such as the Parties Committee, which handles all ceremonies and events, and the Awards Committee, which manages submissions and decides awards. Youth are represented from many community organizations, and this is an open space for youth voice. The youth council is important for youth because it encourages empowerment, responsibility and teamwork for the greater good of many communities.

Apply now to become a community youth leader of the Mythos Challenge!

Sponsored by Multnomah County Library, Pixel Arts Game Education and the Portland Art Museum.