Using Google Meet in Google Classroom

Google is currently making fixes to address the glitches in Google Meet: students joining a Meet before the teacher starts it, students being able to mute or remove the teacher and others, and students rejoining a Meet. Google Meet is also now integrated with Google Classroom. These changes are slowly rolling out. Continue to create nicknamed Meets, which will eventually enable the student restrictions. Check out the videos below from @ericcurts and @rangathetrainer for sneak peeks and to learn about the new features.

Google’s Be Internet Awesome

With school out and summer break giving kids more time to spend on the Internet, it’s a great time to introduce Be Internet Awesome: a new way to encourage digital safety and citizenship.

To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Developed in collaboration with online safety experts like the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely, Be Internet Awesome focuses on five key lessons to help kids navigate the online world with confidence:

•Be Internet Smart: Share with care
•Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
•Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
•Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind
•Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

The program includes a range of specific resources for kids, educators and parents, so everyone has the tools they need to learn and participate in the conversation. You can read moe about the program here.

Oregon Google Summit 2013

The ORVSD Training Team is excited to announce details for the Oregon Google Summit 2013.
October 11, 2013
Westview HS (Beaverton School District)
We are opening early registration today:
We’re also looking for additional presenters who want to share Google Apps knowledge:
We’ll be in touch again soon with keynote announcements and the workshop grid.
Enjoy the remaining weeks before school start days!

Oct. 12 Inservice Offerings

The 2012 CompView A/V ORVSD Google Summit, Oct. 12 , 2012 (state inservice day)Rock Creek Middle School, 14897 SE Parklane Drive, Happy Valley, OR We’re learning, celebrating, and exploring Oregon Appsk-12, the su…

The 2012 CompView A/V ORVSD Google Summit
Friday, Oct. 12 , 2012 (state inservice day)
Rock Creek Middle School, 14897 SE Parklane Drive, Happy Valley, OR

We’re learning, celebrating, and exploring Oregon Appsk-12, the suite of Google Apps for Education. We’re also linking it all to the great tools available from CompView and selected A/V companies. There are over 30 sessions in person and via Hangout. The cost? Free!

Special Guest
PPS’ own Tim Lauer, Principal, Lewis Elementary 

See the workshop schedule here:

Register to attend in person or virtually:


Find/Make/Share: Using Your iPad to Teach Part 1 & Part 2
Friday, Oct. 12, 2012
2828 SW Corbett Ave. STE 140 B
Portland, OR 97201

$299 for both sessions or $199 for one.

Follow the link below to register.

The class is broken up into two parts. The first part is a good iPad starter course for teachers, and the second goes deeper into instructional and presentation tools. These can be taken separately or together. Taking them together makes them eligible for credit from Willamette University. While the combined class is only 6 hours of instruction (with an additional hour for lunch) it will actually provide 15 PDUs, because Willamette University is awarding 0.5 CEUs for each teacher. **Teachers must take parts I and II together to get the 0.5 CEU.