Save the Dates: EdcampPDX and EdTech Women Portland

*UPDATE: Edtech Women Portland has been postponed due to the same-date scheduling with EdcampPDX. Send an email to to join the email list and get news about the new winter meetup.*

Unfortunately, both of these events are on the same day: Saturday, Nov. 15. So, choose one or both to attend!

Liberty HS, 21945 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR

Register at and bring some friends!

What is edcampPDX?
An edcamp is a unconference-style day of professional development organized and given by the local participants. Those who are interested pitch an idea for a conversation or hands-on session. The day of the edcamp we organize the ideas into sessions and everyone chooses which session to attend. There is always something for everyone — and if not — sign up to lead a discussion that interests you! This is the best type of PD because its about what you want and shared with other passionate, innovative educators.

EdTech Women Portland
George Fox Portland, 12753 SW 68th Avenue, Portland
$3 donation + bring cookies or a snack to share

Register at:

What is EdTech Women?
EdTechWomen was inspired by women’s influence in the field of education & technology. Our chapter promotes and brings together a multidisciplinary group of women focused on leveraging technology to promote stronger schools, human services, and businesses through the values of community, inclusivity, visibility, and impact.