New Chromebook Login Screen

The login screen for all Chromebooks across the district is changing Nov. 28. See the image below for the new process. It will also allow K-3 students with Clever Badges to have an easier Chromebook login experience. More information about Clever Badges will be coming soon. You can download a poster about this new process,but copies will also be ponied out to all buildings during the next couple of weeks and messages will be sent to Admin Connection and All-PPS. Please spread the word as this change will affect all staff and students using chromebook login screen


Google Forms Gets Templates, Add-on Support and More

From TechCrunch by Frederic Lardinois (@fredericl):

“With today’s release, you can now select from a number of templates for standard surveys like customer feedback, quizzes and event sign-up right from the Google Forms home screen. Until now, forms dropped you right into the editor when you started a new form, but you always had to start from scratch. These new templates should make it quite a bit easier to get started with the service.”

Read more about the updates at the link above.

Google Certified Innovator Program

From Becky Evans, Program Manager, Google for Education:

It was over a decade ago when we held our first Google Teacher Academy with a goal of bringing together outstanding educators using technology in the classroom. With so many changes since then, we decided it was about time to make some changes to the program as well. So today we’re thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the new and improved Google for Education Certified Innovator program—an energizing 12 month professional development experience for creative leaders in education. Built from the same magic that was present in each Academy, but extended into much more than a onetime event.

Certified Innovators help their organizations, each other and Google push the boundaries of what’s possible in education. As ongoing participants in this community of educators, they transform the organizations they’re serving, advocate for change, and grow their own capacity as thought leaders. The new program focuses on helping Innovators launch a transformative project to help improve education in their schools, regions, or the world. Support includes mentorship, online learning activities, and an in-person Innovation Academy.

After School Fall Technology Offerings

These offerings are now posted on the PPS Learning Campus. Register there and forward to any interested colleagues. PPS full-time and part-time school-based teachers have priority over substitutes. All classes will take place in the Wallowa Lab (floor L1) at the BESC from 4:30-6 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, Nov. 17
Anytime, Anywhere Access to Student Work (And Your Own!)
Learn about the power of using a collaborative tool to transform classroom instruction. Google Drive includes docs, presentations, spreadsheets and forms. We will learn the very basics of Google Drive and Docs and explore features and sharing capabilities. This is a voluntary class.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
Efficient Ways to Collaborate with Students
Have students begin to use Google Classroom to complete assignments and turn them in. The teacher can then provide feedback on the assignment and return it to the student. Google Classroom is a new tool that allows you to shift to a digital assignment workflow. This is a voluntary course.

Thursday, Dec. 10
An Easy and Simple Way to Gather Data
Learn how easy it is to use Google Forms to create simple surveys that you can use with the school staff and community and assessments that you can use with students. We’ll also look at using a Google add-on to quickly and easily grade assessments that you create. This is a voluntary training.

Wednesday, Dec. 16 in IT Nehalem Conference Room (floor L1 at BESC)
Learning CAFÉ
The Learning CAFÉ is an informal drop-in time to meet up with other PPS teachers to get questions answered, create lessons infusing digital resources, seek assistance with technology integration strategies, learn about a new tool, work collaboratively or share ideas. Bring your device and come for as little as 15 minutes or stay the entire time. You may also join via Google Hangout. It’s personalized professional learning!

Google’s Classroom: A Sneak Peek

Excited to check out this tool!

Burlington High School Help Desk

Classroom is Google’s latest student-centered education product and is scheduled to be released this coming fall. After watching the Classroom promotional video and reading about its features and capabilities, I immediately requested an invite to try it out. Millions of other instructional technology specialists, educators, and GAFE school administrators likely did the same. To say there’s a buzz of excitement among educational technology enthusiasts and GAFE fans in particular surrounding Classroom is an understatement. There’s also quite a bit of speculation about the “game-changing” impact Classroom could have not only on GAFE schools, but on education in general.

A Sneak Peek of Classroom:

While the Classroom site does a nice job highlighting the benefits of the product, I was able to learn even more about what it is, what it can do, and how it will benefit students and teachers through watching a Hangout facilitated by Jennifer Cronk and…

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App Task Challenges for Teachers


Tony Vincent shared this awesome post about app task challenges for teachers. An app task challenge is a one-page document that teaches you how to use an app by giving you a series of tasks to complete. The app task challenges are from Craig Badura and Darin Swenson. The challenges cover these apps: Camera, Popplet Lite, Skitch, Stick Around and app smashing. I have also created some Apple app task challenges for iWork and iLife classes I’ve been teaching. I find these challenges to be a great way to differentiate instruction for adult learners and they’re great for individual learners, as well as small groups.