Edtech Updates

The rollout of Google Apps for Education is underway! Six schools were selected for the district soft launch this school year, which began on May 12. Woodlawn, Forest Park, George, Lewis, Llewellyn, and Jackson were selected based on their prior experience using Google Apps and their ability to partner in developing processes for a district-wide rollout. The Google Apps project team will be working with these schools through the spring and summer with a district-wide launch planned for the fall. Over the summer the Google Apps team will also be working on automated account provisioning, account management, and single sign-on in preparation for a district-wide launch. Google Apps accounts will be created for all instructional staff in August with student accounts being created after the start of school.

A steering committee has been formed to guide the direction of the project and the Google Apps district domain <apps4pps.net>. The team has created a project blog to provide updates on the Google implementation. The IT purchasing standards have also been updated to reflect the current Chromebook offerings. Schools will now be able to purchase both Samsung Series 3 and Dell Chromebook 11! Please feel free contact Brett Luelling directly with any questions.

Brett Luelling, Director, IT Systems Development & Integration
x63937   bluelling@pps.net


Class DoJo is a free classroom management and parent engagement tool. In November IT blocked access on the PPS Network to the Class DoJo website due to privacy concerns and asked teachers to stop using this service. Knowing what a valuable service Class DoJo provides to many teachers across the district, IT spent the past several months working with Class DoJo to put the necessary data protections in place to ensure our teachers, students, and parents could safely use this service. We now have a contract in place with Class DoJo that contains the required FERPA language and helps safeguard our students’ information.

As of today (May 28) Class DoJo has been unblocked on the PPS network and teachers may begin using the service again.  Additionally, the ClassDojo Team is more than happy to assist teachers in setting up a free account athttp://www.classdojo.com.  To chat with them, please email: hello@classdojo.com. To see ideas on how you can start using ClassDojo in your classroom, try visiting their forum: http://community.classdojo.com for great tips!

Josh Klein, Chief Information Officer
x63050, jklein@pps.net


The Office of Teaching & Learning is looking for teacher teams to participate in a summer project to develop and adapt uses of technology, implement innovative practices, and/or craft open educational resources (OER) for student learning. We invite teams of 2-4 teachers serving students in grades 4-8 to submit applications to participate.

Participation will require attendance at a two-day Culturally-relevant Curriculum Curation and Creation Camp, July 24 – 25, for which teachers will be compensated through a personalized learning grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This curriculum camp will afford teachers the opportunity to learn about technologies and innovative classroom practices, work together with colleagues from other schools, and design an instructional project to be implemented and studied during the first quarter of the school year.

Teachers will also be compensated for additional time spent developing, implementing, documenting, and evaluating the project (beyond the regular work day/year). A final report on the project will be due after the end of the first quarter of the 2014-15 school year.

Interested teacher teams must submit an application by June 13, 2014.

Andrew Wheeler, Senior Project Manager, Office of Teaching & Learning
x63334   wheeler@pps.net

CenturyLink Grants Available

CenturyLink grants are for K-12 educators in Oregon and Washington who demonstrate a transformative use of mobile technology in the classroom. Submissions are due Jan. 10, 2014.

Follow the link below for more information and to apply:

Available uses for grant funds

  • Mobile technologies: cell phones, smartphones, handheld tablets (iPad, Nexus, Surface) and Chromebooks
  • Supplies and materials: 3D printing raw materials, mobile technology infrastructure support, software purchasing, etc.
  • Professional development: pedagogy improvement, device training, or technology implementation consulting

Funding Range: $500-$5000

Teams Encouraged
Educators may apple as individuals; however, you are encouraged to apply in teams of two or more.

Certified K-12 educators and leaders in CenturyLink service areas are eligible to receive a maximum of one grant award per district. Previous awardees of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation or Qwest Grants are not eligible.

GetEdFunding Grants Website

GetEdFundinghttp://www.getedfunding.com/ The mission of this site is to help educators and institutions uncover the funds they need to supplement shoestring budgets, expand innovative programs, prepare students for the increasingly complex skills …


The mission of this site is to help educators and institutions uncover the funds they need to supplement shoestring budgets, expand innovative programs, prepare students for the increasingly complex skills they’ll need to participate in tomorrow’s workforce and help close the equity gap in educating students from all backgrounds and circumstances.

GetEdFunding is a curated collection of more than 600 active grants and awards that will grow by the day, all selected through the prism of relevance to today’s educational institutions. Although thousands of generous corporate contributors, foundations and other organizations recognize the need to support education, not all of them are included in this resource. In an effort to save educators time and frustration, a minimum requirement of inclusion in the collection is the willingness to accept Letters of Inquiry and unsolicited applications.