Coronavirus Updates and Resources

Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide school closure for students in Oregon from Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, April 28. Read more information and see regular updates here.

PPS Coronavirus Updates
As the United States and rest of the world deal with the outbreak of COVID-19, commonly called the Coronavirus, Portland Public Schools is closely monitoring the situation and is making updates and resources available to our families and staff. Below are updates we have sent, via email, to our families on COVID-19.

Extended Spring Break Home Learning Resources
Above students and parents will find a collection of links to learning activities. The “CLEVER” icon will link students to a familiar Clever Student Portal with links to many learning applications from the classroom. Clever will require that students log in using their PPS user name ( and password. If your students has forgotten their logon info, parents can email to request info by email. Please be sure email from an email address listed on your child’s registration, provide your student’s first, last name, date of birth, and parents full name on record.

The grade level activity links are curated lists of additional fun, creative, and engaging learning activities students will enjoy. Most of these will not require students to log in with their PPS account.

Online Learning & Tips for Teachers
Check out this webpage for a compiled list of webinars about distance learning, as well as as some other teacher resources.

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Education Technology at Portland Public Schools in Portland, OR

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