EdTechWomen Portland

This past weekend was the kickoff meeting for the EdTechWomen Portland chapter. EdTechWomen is a networked community for women in education technology.

From the EdTechWomen website:

We are looking to build connections, connections that lead to stronger businesses, better products and different schools. We are looking to create a community, united on the local, national, international and digital levels, committed to support and innovations, driven to make change. We are moving the needle in education forward.

Their values:

EdTechWomen was inspired by women’s influence in the field of education. Several great platforms exist for women in technology, but we noticed that they did not attract many women in education, particularly educators. EdTechWomen brings together women and their supporters across the vast education ecosystem and gives them a place to connect through the values of community, inclusivity, visibility, and impact.

    • Community: EdTechWomen is community of women linked through authentic connections, that offer opportunities for creation and collaboration. It is more than a network, it is about bringing us together, so that we can move all of us forward together.
    • Inclusivity: EdTechWomen is a platform to bring together members across the expanse of the edtech ecosystem, including educators, business leaders, technologists, students and consumers. It is an inclusive community of women of all ages and backgrounds. It is open to everyone with a vested interest in edtech and the power of women’s roles in it.
    • Visibility: EdTechWomen are leaders, decision-makers and experts. We want the world to hear our voices and provide the platforms, opportunities and events where what we think, do, dream and stand for can all be heard by the greater edtech ecosystem.
    • Impact: EdTechWomen exists because a group of women came together that all wanted to see the edtech ecosystem grow, accelerate and expand its impact. EdTechWomen offers a network and platform to spread the positive impact of edtech and give members the skills and opportunities to make change a reality.

It was a fun morning to connect with other like-minded individuals, all working toward the same goals. A group of George Fox educators started the Portland chapter, but organizing and hosting quarterly meetings will rotate among the participants. A blog will follow soon, but for now follow EdTechWomen Portland on Twitter. The next meeting will be in April with the date to be decided. Join us!

Author: mlimpdx

Education Technology at Portland Public Schools in Portland, OR

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