5 Links, Connected Educator Month

As November begins and Connected Educator Month ends, I’d like to share the following five links for tools that help me stay connected and are part of my social media workflow.

  1. Twitter
    This is the one tool that has transformed my professional learning and helped me build my personal and professional learning networks. I have made valuable global and local connections to other educators and teachers that I would never have met otherwise. It’s my go-to resource for professional reading and links to other technology-related resources
  2. Instagram
    This photo sharing site is another of my favorite social networking tools. I love being able to see stories that friends and strangers tell through images. Exploring what people post is a constant inspiration to me and makes me want to become a better photographer.
  3. Evernote
    I started using this tool regularly during the last year. It’s an amazing note-taking tool that is accessible from all platforms. I end up storing more than just notes here; I use it to back up my photos and save anything I want to remember, like book titles, specific products, etc. Text within photos is also searchable!
  4. Pinboard & Delicious
    These are social bookmarking tools that I use on a daily basis. All my tweets are automatically saved into both of these services. I also like that I can search for a particular tag and see what others have bookmarked or look up specific users, see what they’re bookmarking and subscribe to their feeds if I want.
  5. IFTTT
    This fantastic automation tool is responsible for most of my social media workflow. You create recipes that put the internet to work for you. This is the tool I use to do cross-posting and sharing to other sites. For example, when I favorite a tweet, it goes straight to Pinboard and Delicious as a bookmark.

I love being able to use social media to connect with others and share what I am doing. I have found it to be invaluable in my professional and personal lives. The key is to start small and share what seems appropriate and comfortable to you. Once you have mastered using one tool, you can continue to focus on that tool or add another to explore.

Author: mlimpdx

Education Technology at Portland Public Schools in Portland, OR

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