TechStart Programs

TechStart trains K-12 teachers in relevant technology topics and provide hands-on, educational experiences for students in and outside the classroom. TechStart offers the following programs:


Our flagship K-12 teacher technology professional development series equips teachers with the skills and tools to develop hands-on technology lessons for the classroom and after school activities.

Oregon Game Project Challenge

Oregon’s only state-wide game programming competition introduces middle and high school students to computer programming while educating them in science and current events and encouraging teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Willamette University-TechStart Programming Contest

We co-host a programming contest with Willamette University to deepen computer science knowledge among advanced and novice high school students.

Oregon Student Technologist of the Year

TechStart in partnership with industry sponsors provides the Oregon Student Technologist of the Year Award. The goal of this award is to help bring Oregon students’ attention to the possibilities inherent in technology.

Oregon Technology Educator of the Year

TechStart values the contributions of all educators, so we are pleased to continue our annual tradition of highlighting the work and contributions of one Oregon K-12 teacher through the Technology Educator of the Year award.

Exploring Computer Science

With support from Oregon ETIC, TechStart intends to increase the number of high school students that aspire to major in computer science (CS) during post-secondary education by recruiting seven pilot schools to adopt the full year class offering of Exploring Computer Science.

Author: mlimpdx

Education Technology at Portland Public Schools in Portland, OR

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